Printable Pumpkin Worksheets

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Check out this adorable collection of FREE printable pumpkin-themed worksheets designed for kids in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade!

Find engaging math, reading, spelling, and dot to dot activities that students are sure to love. Perfect for use inside and outside the classroom, and great for supplementing a unit study on pumpkins!

Each no-prep worksheet is super easy to download and print. All solutions are included at the end of each PDF document, in case you choose to use them.

Pumpkin Math Worksheets

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Pumpkins Addition Worksheet

This FREE printable Pumpkins Addition worksheet is a fantastic way to get students excited to exercise their math skills this autumn! To solve, children will add up the orange pumpkins and write their answers in the solution box. Great for ...
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P-U-M-P-K-I-N Addition Worksheet

This FREE printable P-U-M-P-K-I-N Addition Worksheet offers students a great opportunity to develop their math skills this fall! As children add up the letters that spell P-U-M-P-K-I-N, they will build fluency in counting, number-formation, and fine-motor control skills. Ideal for ...

Reading & Spelling

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Pumpkin Handwriting Practice Worksheet

FREE printable pumpkin writing practice worksheet! Ideal for kids in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade. As kids practice tracing then writing the word "pumpkin", they will improve their handwriting, letter formation, and pencil control skills. Plus, they can color the ...
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Pumpkin Word Scramble Worksheet

This FREE printable Pumpkin Word Scramble worksheet is a fun and challenging way to get students excited about fall! Word jumble activities excel at helping children build their handwriting, reading comprehension and problem-solving skills. Some words included in this fun ...
Pumpkin Word Shapes Featured Image

Pumpkin Word Shapes Worksheet

Print as many copies of this FREE printable Pumpkin Word Shapes worksheet as you want today! To complete this worksheet, students will use the letter blocks as visual clues to learn letter shapes and word length as they explore pumpkin ...
Pumpkin Alphabetical Order Featured Image

Pumpkin Alphabetical Order Worksheet

Get students excited about learning with this FREE printable Pumpkin Alphabetical Order worksheet! Children will strengthen their alphabet, reading comprehension and handwriting skills by reading through the words then writing each one on the numbered lines in alphabetical order. Fun ...

Dot to Dots

Pumpkin Pie Dot To Dot Featured Image

Pumpkin Pie Dot To Dot

Grab this FREE no-prep Pumpkin Pie Dot To Dot printable today! By connecting the dots lettered A through Z, children will reveal a picture of a yummy slice of pumpkin pie. And, when the kids are finished with the puzzle, ...
Pumpkin Dot To Dot Featured Image

Fall Pumpkin Dot To Dot

Check out this FREE Pumpkin Dot To Dot! You can print as many copies as you like and downloading the PDF is as simple as clicking “Print Worksheet”. Children will solve this puzzle by connecting the dots 1 through 30 ...
Pumpkin Patch Dot To Dot Featured Image

Pumpkin Patch Dot To Dot

Click “Print Worksheet” to download this FREE Pumpkin Patch Dot To Dot printable! In order to solve this puzzle, children will draw a line to connect the dots 1 through 38 to reveal a big pile of pumpkins! Don’t forget, ...

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