Printable Apple Worksheets

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Check out this adorable collection of FREE printable apple worksheets designed for kids in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade!

Find engaging math worksheets, handwriting practice, reading and spelling activities, and dot to dots that students are sure to love. Perfect for use inside and outside the classroom, and great for supplementing a unit study on apples, or just for celebrating everyone’s favorite fall fruit just because!

Each no-prep worksheet is super easy to download and print. All solutions are included at the end of each PDF document, in case you choose to use them.

Apple Math Worksheets

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Apples Addition Worksheet

Use this FREE Apples Addition worksheet to help students build their basic math skills! To solve, children will count how many apples are in each group and write the sum on the line. This apple-themed activity is super fun and ...
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A-P-P-L-E Letters Addition

This adorable apple-themed addition worksheet is 100% FREE to download and is a great way for students to strengthen their basic math skills! As kids add up the letters that spell A-P-P-L-E, they will develop proficiency in number formation, counting, ...
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Apple Tree Addition Worksheet

Check out this fun seasonal Apple Tree themed addition worksheet! It is 100% FREE to download and you can print as many copies as you like! By adding up the groups of cute apple trees, students will build upon their ...

Reading & Spelling

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Apple Handwriting Practice Worksheet

FREE printable apple writing practice worksheet! Ideal for kids in pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade. As kids practice tracing then writing the word "apple", they will improve their handwriting, letter formation, and pencil control skills. Plus, they can color the ...
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Apple Harvest Word Scramble

Be sure to grab your FREE copy of this apple harvest-themed word scramble today for fun fall learning! This word jumble activity is excellent for building student’s handwriting, reading comprehension, and spelling skills; a great mental workout! Some apple-themed words ...
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Apple Harvest Alphabetical Order Worksheet

Click “Print Worksheet” to download this FREE printable Apple Harvest Alphabetical Order worksheet! In order to complete this fun fall-themed activity, students will read through the provided words then write each one in alphabetical order on the numbered lines. Perfect ...
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Apple Harvest Word Shapes Worksheet

This fun (and FREE!) apple harvest-themed word shapes worksheet is the perfect way to celebrate fall and harvest season with kids! As well as being an engaging screen free activity, this work page is perfect for helping children practice their ...

Dot to Dots

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Apple Treats Dot To Dot

Check out this FREE printable Apple Treats Dot To Dot activity! Downloading the PDF is as simple as clicking “Print Worksheet”, and then you can print as many copies as you like! To solve this puzzle, children will draw a ...
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Fall Apples Dot To Dot Printable

Print our your copies of this FREE Apples Dot To Dot activity today by clicking “Print Worksheet”! To solve this puzzle, children will draw a line from the numbers 1 through 15 to discover a delicious apple. As students enjoy ...
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Fall Apple Trees Dot To Dot

Grab this FREE printable Apple Trees Dot To Dot worksheet today! As children connect the dots numbered 1 through 31, they will reveal a beautiful apple tree in a busy fruit orchard. Even after the puzzle is complete, kids can ...

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