Trees Alphabetical Order Worksheet

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This FREE printable Trees Alphabetical Order worksheet is perfect for celebrating Arbor Day in your classroom, so click “Print Worksheet” to grab your copies!

Students will solve this activity page by reading through the provided words and then writing each one in alphabetical order on the numbered blanks.

This worksheet is a fun way for students to learn about different tree species and at the same time strengthen their problem solving, handwriting, alphabetizing and reading comprehension skills.

Included in this worksheet your will find the names of 30 species of trees, such as: hickory, aspen, lemon, oak, cypress, banyan, avocado, pine, quince, coconut, spruce, willow, cherry, sequoia, almond, elm, buckeye, maple, pear, pecan, olive, palm, birch, walnut, bass, apple, cedar, fir, orange, and redwood.

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Trees Alphabetical Order
Trees Alphabetical Order
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Trees Alphabetical Order Worksheet Pin