-OG Word Family Activities

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FREE printable -OG word family activity pack! This PDF includes three (3) individual worksheets for your kids or students to enjoy.

For the first worksheet, students will read and trace eight words from the chosen word family, then find and circle them in a word find grid. Excellent for introducing or reinforcing basic concepts. Also included is an illustration to further boost children’s understanding.

The second sheet will allow students to read, trace, and write three simple sentences featuring words from the family.

In the third engaging activity, children will trace each word, then draw a path through the maze to connect the word’s prefix to its suffix.

Students use these fun reading and writing worksheets to build and strengthen their recognition of -OG words, such as: bog, cog, dog, fog, frog, hog, jog, and log.

Ideal for literacy centers, independent practice, and phonics instruction for preschool, kindergarten, and first and second grade.

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OG Word Family Activities
OG Word Family Activities
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