Camping Word Shapes Worksheet

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Celebrate all things camping with your kids or students with this FREE printable word shapes activity!

Word shape worksheets are a very helpful tool in the classroom or at home, and are intended to be used as spelling aids for young children. To solve, kids will figure out which word goes where by using the length of the words and the shapes of the letters as clues.

Some cute camping-themed words included are: tent, hike, bugs, trees, rope, and river.

The words chosen for this exercise use easy three, four, and five letter words for an easy activity perfect for kindergarten through first grade.

Word shapes activities are also great for boosting word recognition skills! And as an an added bonus, this worksheet features adorable full-color clipart that kids are sure to love.

To download the PDF and print, just click the “Print Worksheet” button!

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Free printable camping word shapes worksheet
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