Thanksgiving BINGO 5×5 Game

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This FREE Thanksgiving BINGO game is a great way to celebrate the holiday with young kids! This printable PDF includes playing cards with a 5×5 grid, calling cards, a reproducible marker sheet, and instructions for playing. Each calling card features a cute Thanksgiving-themed image and a corresponding word or phrase, such as “harvest”, “pumpkin pie”, “cornucopia”, “turkey”, “November” and “football”. This game is great for building word association and active listening skills, and makes a great activity for keeping kids occupied while the turkey is cooking!

Thanksgiving Bingo 5x5 Bingo Card
Thanksgiving Bingo 5×5 Bingo Card
Thanksgiving Bingo 5x5 Calling Cards
Thanksgiving Bingo 5×5 Calling Cards
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Buy our full book version of the Thanksgiving Bingo: 5 x 5, Fun Kids’ Bingo Game and Activity Book and get 25 full color Bingo cards ready to go … no printing necessary. We independently publish books and appreciate your support.

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