April Fool’s Day Word Scramble

April Fool's Day word scramble featured image

Looking for a fun way to let kids celebrate April Fool’s Day (that doesn’t involve getting toothpaste in your shoes)?

Check out our FREE printable April Fool’s Day word scramble!

Little ones will solve the puzzle by comparing each scramble to the word bank at the bottom of the page. Great for letting kids get familiar with holiday vocabulary words!

The words included in this activity are: antics, first, kids, April, friends, laugh, celebrate, funny, mischief, class, game, plan, clever, giggle, playful, crafty, grin, school, creative, humor, shout, family, joke, and silly.

The solutions can be found at the end of the document in case anyone gets stuck.

Challenge your kids with this fun word game! Perfect for use at home, or in the classroom as a treat for early finishers.

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Free printable April Fool's Day word scramble worksheet
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